Rob Hamilton
Musical Sonification of Avatar Physiologies, Virtual Flight and Gesture

Rob Hamilton’s UDKOSC project takes game data from UDK and uses it to control external audio engines such as SuperCollider, ChucK or PD. The implications for dynamic music and audio for games are profound and throughout his talk and demonstrations Rob showed how we can parameterise any actor that can generate data in a game engine, from the very big (herds of elephant-like creatures) to the very small (individual bones in a bird’s skeleton).

Central to Rob’s presentation was the UDK built Echo::Canyon project, a multi-user virtual environment in which performers at locations around the world can move avatars around a purpose built environment, interacting with the landscape and its carefully positioned landmarks to create a rich and evolving soundscape.

Robert Hamilton is a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer-based Music Theory and Acoustics, at CCRMA, Department of Music, Stanford University.

A recording of the presentation (given via Skype) and Q&A is at the top of this post (or you can download it here).

Audio running time:
00m00s – 33m40s: Presentation
33m40s – 01h50m00s: Q&A

 Presentation slides


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