Leonard J Paul
Working and Playing with Procedural Audio

It was a pleasure to welcome procedural audio pioneer, Leonard Paul, to February’s meetup! Leonard shared some of the highlights of his procedural audio career to date, and talked in depth about his early ambitions to develop tools for videogame integrations, using Pure Data to build prototypes that might one day emerge in a AAA title. He went on to discuss the current state of play, looking at the movers and shakers in the field and where they could be heading next, before leading us into a Q&A session and some open discussion.

During a demo of his music and SFX systems for the educational game, Sim Cell, he explained how he used oscillators, variable delay lines and granular synthesis patches in Pure Data to generate a dynamic soundtrack that could react to different game states, as well produce as the more routine sound effects used for GUI navigation and spacecraft propulsion.

Videos of each section of the talk can be found below, and if you want to try out any of Leonard’s Pd patches for yourself, you can download them here! [right click+save as]

Leonard Paul is a composer, sound designer and educator based in Vancouver, Canada. He runs the School of Video Game Audio.

Main Presentation
Music Demo
SFX Demo


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