Joe White – Tannhäuser PD

Tannhäuser is the PD compiler project by Joe White and Martin Roth. Joe demonstrated how a PD patch is parsed and converted into new, virgin C++ code, ready for use in systems such as audio middleware (Wwise plugins) and hardware effects units (the OWL pedal). From a game audio angle, sound designers could develop synthesis or effects patches in Pure Data and quickly convert them to Wwise plugins for immediate integration into a game project. This would unleash a revolution in how game audio designers approach their work, and we’re looking forward to Joe’s next visit (hopefully with a Wwise plugin demo!) in the coming months.

Later on in the evening we discussed (and got very excited about) the synthesis tools revealed in Alastair MacGregor’s recent GDC talk, if you haven’t seen it I recommend you check it out now!

Joe White is software developer at ROLI in London. You can find out more about Tannhäuser here.

An audio recording of the presentation and discussion is coming soon.

 Presentation slides


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