There are no scheduled PANow events at this time.

Previous Events

May 18th 2017 – Aaron McLeran and Dan ReynoldsProcedural Audio in the new Unreal Audio Engine

March 9th 2017 – Leonard PaulFilm Screening: “Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound” + Q&A with Leonard Paul

October 20th 2016 – Enzien AudioHeavy update

June 25th 2015 – A Fireside Chat – A chance to reflect on the last 18 months of PANow and take part in an open forum discussion.

May 28th 2015 – Paul WeirNever Ending Music

March 26th 2015 – Anthony PrechtlA musical feature based approach to automatic music generation in computer games

February 10th 2015 – Leonard PaulWorking and Playing with Procedural Audio

January 29th 2015 – Joe LyskeSyncables: A Vision for the Next Generation of Syncables

Nov 27th 2014 – Jorge Garcia – Towards Procedural Audio software architectures and pipelines: chasing monsters with UnityOSC

October 2nd 2014 – Martin Roth, Joe White, Andy Farnell – Heavy: A Procedural Audio Development Workflow

July 24th 2014 – Ignacio Pecino – An introduction to non-conventional 3D virtual instruments for electroacoustic music composition

June 26th 2014 – Hands-on with Hardware – Looking at Patchblocks, the Seaboard,  DIY synths and other hands-on delights

May 22nd 2014 – Yann Orlarley – An introduction to the Faust programming language

April 24th 2014 – Joe WhiteImproving the Creative Iteration Workflow In Procedural Audio

March 27th 2014 – Guillaume Le NostAn overview of the AudioGaming procedural audio plugin suite

February 27th 2014 – Rob HamiltonMusical Sonification of Avatar Physiologies, Virtual Flight and Gesture

January 30th 2014 – Christian HeinrichsAn Elephant Named Expressivity