Christian Heinrichs
An Elephant Named Expressivity

Christian Heinrichs proposes new, expressive ways for sound designers to control procedural audio models. During his presentation he used a touchpad to generate xy, speed, touch area and pressure data for a model built in PD, to play back a wide variety of creaking door sounds. Mirroring the way film Foley artists work, game audio designers might use a controller like this to perform procedural audio Foley during gameplay sessions, generating sound effects for specific instances of events. Foley performance data could then be analysed by an AI system to generate a control layer, which would be used to perform in-game Foley as expressive as the original; thus bringing forth a kind of virtual Foley artist

Christian Heinrichs is a Phd researcher at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University.

Please have a look at the slides below. You can listen to the presentation using the player at the top of this post.


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