Anthony Prechtl
A musical feature based approach to automatic music generation in computer games

Anthony Prechtl was at April’s event to talk about his current research at the Open University. He is developing generative music software for games which uses run-time data to change a variety of musical features.

Anthony’s Unity demo, Escape Point, is a first person puzzle game in which the player wanders round a 3D maze also inhabited by an AI enemy. He demonstrated the game first without music, then with a static score, and finally with a dynamic score (see video below, far right). For the dynamic score, the intensity of the music increased as the distance between player and enemy decreased and among the musical features affected were: a distortion DSP affected the synth parts, harmony and chords transitioned to minor scales, tempo and volume seemed to increase, The net result gave a feeling of tension that ebbed and flowed in relation to distance from enemy…

Video of the presentation, and audio from the discussion that followed, can be found below.

Anthony Prechtl is a Phd candidate in Computing at the Open University.

Q&A and Discussion
Demo video



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